No "Best & Worst" Lists For Me, Thanks . . .

You may or may not have noticed that this blog doesn't deal in very many lists, especially "best of" lists. It's a young blog, so one doesn't expect much of that sort of thing anyway. But a word: don't expect it in the future. Lists and I are estranged parties, comfortable in our personal zones only. I'm listless.

Part of the issue is obvious - I don't get my nose into many current fragrances. There are some, but in terms of this year's perfumes, Eau Sauvage Parfum might be it. What did I think of that one? Meh. Twas okay, I suppose. But forgettable, inferior to the original, and ultimately a disappointment. So there you go, if you must have it - my list for "worst fragrances of 2012."

Practically every fragrance blog out there is doing one of these lists, recapping their admiration and ire, as though there's a psychological standard to conform with. My question to every blogger who has made a "best & worst" list is simply, "who told you the list is mandatory?" It seems like everyone feels it must be written. Not me.

My opinion is spread across the last twelve months. You're not going to need a distillation because what I consider to be good and bad is simply my consideration, limited and vague. Reading across the blogosphere this week, I'm amazed by how similar everyone's lists are, and wonder about it. I'm certainly not tempted to run out and buy anyone's "bests" or explore what makes their "worsts."

Happy New Year everyone!


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    1. 10 points to guess which record it's from!

  2. Speaking for me: no one told me to make a list. I simply love lists (probably with much the same passion that you seem to have enmity for them!). I found it fun, and a good reminder, to go back through my notes and posts over the year and think about what I really enjoyed the most. And then there was that certain exhibit I wanted to vent about. ;)

    Thanks for your writing this year; I've enjoyed reading.

  3. Queen, bicycle race, a single from the album Jazz...

    1. 10 points, and another 10 for the new year.


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