What I've Been Reading

I thought I'd mention that I've updated my blogroll, and added some preferred reading from across the world-wide interweb. Sadly, this meant editing out some "dead blogs" that are no longer being updated. But the new additions are terrific reads.

There's the insightful writing of Ron Slomowicz on Notable Scents.

Another humorous addition is Oh True Apothecary! which I'm hoping goes much longer than just 365 days.

Then there's Cheryl Quimby's literary blog, Perfumed Letters. A nice "confessional" blog with many perfumed letters to cover. By the way, I used to send a girlfriend perfumed letters. My confession of the day.

I think Scents of Place is a mesmerizing read. What a traveler! I envy this writer's mileage.

Can't get enough of Swig and Tipple, which is an extremely pleasant read.

And don't believe Jen Meade when she says This Blog Really Stinks, unless you're thinking perfume, which is what she's thinking.

I hope to add more blogs like these in the future!

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