Spring Is Here!

April marks the start of spring fragrance wearing for me, and that means breaking out all of my green, fresh, citrusy fragrances. I'm particularly excited to start wearing Moustache, Silences, and Oscar for Men! This year will see a heavier rotation of aromatic fougères, with a couple of chypres for good measure. The nicest thing about early spring is the weather - I'm not a fan of grey, rainy days, but they tend to be incredible for wearing green fragrances. And you know how very much I love green fragrances.

Up this month: reviews of a few excellent floral fragrances, some really tawdry masculines, and at least one or two bitter French chypres. Just wanted to wish you a happy April! So happy April!


  1. I say, Bryan, you are optimistic - or rather you would be if you lived here! It is minus I don't know what, and I am still snuggling in vanilla orientals and peppery incenses.

    At this rate it might be the end of May before I cast a clout and reach for my more springlike scents!

    1. Oh no, Sorry to hear that Vanessa! It's been a brutal winter to be sure, tomorrow here in CT will be significantly colder than today, but I have to admit we've had a pretty nice three days here. Spring will come, it just hasn't "sprung" quite yet. Fingers crossed for you! Meanwhile enjoy those snuggly fragrances while you still can!


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