What Kind Of Product Improves A Kiss?

"I'll send you a postcard."

In the quest for true love, many men aspire for exotic and expensive EDTs and perfumes, hoping that if their bodies smell like money, their girlfriends will melt in their arms. This is a worthy pursuit, and a good theory, but in practice there are some flaws.

It's true that a good fragrance will turn women on. Smelling like you just came off the farm is obviously a major no-no in 2017. And your body's odor reflects inarguably the quality of tenderness and care two people put into lovemaking. If you're disturbed or even disgusted by the other's smell, or if hygiene questions arise, that's trouble.

But perhaps less obvious to fragheads is what it means to smell romantic. What do two people do when they're in the mood? When they're not necessarily in the mood, but in a mood for closeness and a moment? They kiss! And that's when aftershave becomes a man's best friend. If his face smells good, then the kiss is something that draws her in on a few levels. I've had personal experience with this. The truth is that a clean-smelling face makes a woman want to kiss you longer, and the longer she wants to kiss you, the closer she feels to you. From that point you can pretty much explore other avenues of your relationship.

The best part about this is you don't have to smell expensive. Just smell good. Myrsol Formula K and Old Spice have been my two aftershaves of choice for the last few weeks, and the woman I'm seeing has noticed that and happily commended on it. I once wore Brut - she liked it. We're talking basic scents here. Mint, some lavender, some spiced powder. "You smell like baby powder," was her comment on Old Spice today, and when I told her it was just Old Spice, she laughed and said, "You always say that!" As if it smelled so much better than lowly Old Spice.

I'm skeptical in many ways of cheap aftershaves being used as SOTDs or hygiene substitutes. There are thousands of guys out there that think a few splashes of Florida Water and a cigar will attract women. I can say with total certainty that unless you prowl trailer parks, that's probably a bad plan. But if you put a little Florida Water on your cheeks and pair it with something like Versace L'Homme, you now have an invisible arsenal at your disposal, ready to weaken knees.

In the quest for true love, many men aspire for extravagance. Don't be that kind of guy. Just be yourself, and if you use aftershave (or scented balms) in your normal routine, don't change that for her. Continue it for her. It's a good thing.