A Few Words For Dan Mish

I discovered Dan "Mickers" Mish's channel in late 2011 or early 2012, very early in my fragrance journey, and he was one of the first reviewers I watched. With his infectious positivity and memorable chuckle, Dan always came across as a genuinely good person, with a great sense of humor, and nary a mean hair on his head. He was always entertaining to watch, and his channel became a sort of "institution" on YouTube. In short, he was one of the good guys that kept fans coming back.

I appreciated Dan's love of Creed's Green Irish Tweed as the mark of a man with good taste. Dan was more than just a snappy personality; he had a good nose. Near the end, Dan pointed out that he got a sort of "evergreen" note (I'm paraphrasing) out of Old Spice. At first I didn't understand what he meant, but after revisiting the current formula, his impression "clicked" with mine, and one of the woodier spice notes, maybe the clove, struck me, for the first time ever, as "piney." The ability to notice and recognize subtle notes is what the better noses do by nature, and Dan did it daily.

It saddened me to learn of Dan's passing, particularly because he was so young and had a family. He will be missed and remembered fondly as a man who did everything he could to share his love of scent with the world. For that, the world is a better place, and I owe him my thanks. It's safe to say that if I hadn't watched his channel prior to starting my blog, I may never have undertaken the task of writing about fragrances. He was an inspiration and a gift to the community, and I am forever thankful for him.