Oscar (Oscar de la Renta)

There seems to be a divergence of opinion concerning Oscar. Many on Fragrantica find an abundance of tuberose and myrrh in its construct; I smell far more lavender, herbal notes, and opoponax. Tuberose is there, but eh. In any case, Oscar is a floral perfume - we can all agree on that - and it closely hugs the oriental category. Its spices and herbal complexities outweigh the green aromatics of a straight floral scent.

Oscar (original 1977 perfume) opens with bitter lemon and lavender, spiced with basil and nuanced with tuberose. The lavender is frigid, herbal, probably Spanish, and the drydown brings forth the warmth and creaminess of opoponax and sandalwood. The base is cloves and ambergris, all haloed in a rugged aroma of rosemary and myrrh. This smells very expensive, beautifully and thoughtfully constructed, and surprisingly unisex. In fact, the top-note accords remind me of a classic masculine, R de Capucci. I don't know how the EDT version of Oscar interprets those sunrise-slapper lemon and lavender top notes, but I can say that the perfume is stunning, thanks to those elements.

I would wear Oscar myself, but I'm spoiled for choice when it comes to '70s feminines, and right now I'm uncertain as to which one to commit to. While I make up my mind, I'll yearn for a busty, beige suited, Oscar-wearing stunner who works somewhere on 5th Avenue, and lives within walking distance.