Drakkar Noir (Guy Laroche)

Oddly enough, the "black" flanker of Drakkar perseveres in an ever-changing market, while the original is now defunct (and has been for years). As ubiquitous as Cool Water, Drakkar Noir has now been reformulated into a lighter scent, no doubt to better conform with today's trends. The bitter citrus, wood, and herbal opening is still quite sharp and recognizable, but it rapidly dries into a hollow juniper, lavender (actually lavandin), and oakmoss accord, with hints of fir. Very nicely blended, very masculine in temperament and movement, and very conservative by today's standards. 

Drakkar Noir is the fougère that set the tone for fougères of the 1980s. Things had been chugging along with plentiful doses of earthy pines and spices for some time, but this one came to the party, plunked down its armloads of oakmoss and patchouli, yanked the curtains shut, and replaced The Go-Go's with The Cure on the turntable. Drakkar Noir was perfectly tuned into the zeitgeist of that time, and was a massive smash hit among folks of either sex. It was the quintessential '80s prowler scent.

These days it's associated more with business than having fun. Times have changed, and the smoky and seductive perfumes of yesteryear now elicit feelings of boardroom, not bedroom. We have other newer toys, things like L'Instant de Guerlain, Fleur de Male, and 1 Million. In other words, things Charles Bronson would never wear. For those of us who yearn for a manlier time, Drakkar Noir is still on the market and selling well, and I'm sure there are many mature women of the world who are thankful for that.