My Spring Picks

May is the loveliest month. It's not too hot, sometimes even cool outside, with occasional showers coloring everything forty shades of green. And man oh man, do I like me some green.

This month I've used a steady rotation of all the greenest stuff in my arsenal. Mind you, I consider anything with heady florals and herbs to be green, as well as pure greens featuring citrus and grasses. The season for green is surprisingly short - by August I've switched to muskier fare. But it's beautiful while it lasts. The past two weeks have seen repeated applications of the following:
Tsar (Van Cleef & Arpels) - Simply an amazing fougère. Such gorgeous bergamot, lavender, artemisia, oakmoss, and many other dark, spicy green notes. It's more refreshing than a walk through a forest in the rain.

Sport Field (Adidas) - This is Creed Green Valley Lite. A pop of lemon and ginger, then hours of air conditioned coumarin playing the grassiest one-note I've ever smelled. Divine, and criminally affordable.

Silences (Jacomo) - Perfect for rainy days. Starts off with a punch of galbanum, and slips through the reeds into flowers and bouquets of cut stems. When I smell this on my shirt the day after, I totally understand the meaning of "true green" in perfumery. This is nature in a bottle.

Sung Homme (Alfred Sung) - A good spicy, soapy, and unerringly green chypre with the soul of a fresh fougère. Nice on Thursdays and Fridays when Irish Spring 2.0 is the desired effect.

Horizon (Guy Laroche) - Bright grapefruit, mint, lavender, crushed herbs, dihydromyrcenol, ambergris, and cedar, all bundled in a seaweedy aquamarine-colored bottle. I don't reach for it as often as the others, but I never regret it when I do. Another good one for the rain.

Brut (Helen of Troy) - White floral powder. Not good for high heat, but when there's still a cool breeze to cut the sun, Brut works wonders, especially with light application.

Pour un Homme de Caron (Caron) - I'm never really sure when to wear this scent. Its frigid lavender top is too cold for winter; the warm and powdery vanilla-musk base is too heavy for summer. Spring is a good season I suppose. Autumn too, but we have Yatagan for autumn. Anyway, you can't go wrong with hyper-realistic bouquets of French lavender. The fragrance for gentlemen, this stuff is.
Just as an aside: Am I the only one who finds Kristen Stewart attractive? My guy friends think she's mediocre, even unattractive. As a movie buff I'm familiar with all the current beautiful female stars, and there's certainly a slew of more traditionally-beautiful women coming out of Hollywood, but I dunno . . . Ms. Stewart has always captured my imagination in ways the other gals couldn't. Although I hate most of her films (except The Runaways), I often find myself watching them just to see how she moves through the frames. The girl's got something going on. Anyhoo . . . thanks for reading.


  1. I love your picks and I love Kristen Stewart's photo. Actually it is the best one I have seen, far away from her romantic persona that she now has to break free of.

    1. Thanks, yeah it's a nice picture. I'm looking forward to seeing Snow White & The Huntsman. Although something tells me in the end I'll probably just find it so-so.

  2. Tsar, Silences and are really nice...my go to green scents when i feel a hankering for taking a break and running away to some mountain resort! Keeps me calm and collected

    How come you missed on Polo Green? :) that kind of goes with the above...Perhaps Trussardi Uomo also.

    Caron PuH have not tried yet keep postponing it again and again. More accurately i do have a small sample vial but have not gotten around to trying it.

    Sung Homme is again something that am yet to try.

    Nice post and loved reading about some interesting stuff

    1. Tsar and Silences are great. I don't consider Polo an ideal spring pick because of its deep woody tones, which strike me as being a bit more autumnal. However I could see it working in early spring, no problem. My bigger problem with Polo: Yatagan is Polo the way it was supposed to be made. If you like Lauren's take, give Caron's a go if you haven't already. It's far oilier, woodier, and more natural smelling. Of course there are always random bottles of Polo Crest to be found, but I'd proceed with caution there. They're becoming grotesquely overpriced and their quality is questionable, given that they're no less than twenty years old.

      Caron PuH and Sung Homme are cheapies and well worth a visit also. Have fun trying these, the two together can be purchased for the price of dinner at a modest restaurant.


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