Baie de Genièvre (Creed) "Juniper Cinnamon"

The full name is Baie de Genièvre Feuilles de Cannelier, or Juniper Bay Leaves Cinnamon. Sort of a rum-less bay rum with extra aromatics, thanks to a generous slug of juniper berry. To be honest, this is one of the recently-vaulted grey caps that is no longer available on the Creed web site, except maybe five random days of the year (they recently let Royal Scottish Lavender back out of the bag). However, this EDT is still find-able, and Luis is surely willing to track bottles down for American customers if you put it to him nicely, so all you wetshavers out there should dry your tears until the supply truly dwindles to near-extinction.

My personal feelings about BdG were never all that enthusiastic. Its top is a nice burst of spiciness, with big hits of juniper that shimmer into a masculine aftershave drydown. A wise basenoter once compared the base - which is complex for a grey cap - to warm, clean hospital bandages, and I see his point. It's well made of course, and the notes are very distinct, lively, and likable. But the hints of cinnamon, the dusty dryness of the spice mingling with the juniper, and the overall Old World wet-shave ambiance doesn't warrant spending $175, at least not from my wallet. Back when grey caps were $150, I'd say it's your call, sleep on it, don't feel guilty about spending the cashola, whatever. Now that Creed has jacked prices on vaulted fragrances, I'm almost prepared to reprimand anyone who concedes hard-earned coinage for BdG. There are other bay rums that smell as-good or close to it, and actually include the rum. So if you happen across this at a discount - like an $80 for the bottle discount - buy it without a second thought. But if full-price, or anything over $100 is all you can find, skip BdG and check out Badger & Blade for tips on great aftershaves and colognes that excel in this category.

See you in October!

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