Le Beau Male (Jean Paul Gaultier)

The original Le Mâle is an awful synthetic powder-puff lavender fougeriental, a copious blare of aftershave musks radiating like morning fog from a slime-green pond of peppermint ambers. How's that for mixing metaphors? Put simply, it smelled like a crumby attempt at a throwback to the Edwardian days of musky European wetshaver colognes, with all the elements dialed up to a nosehair-singeing eleven. This "Beautiful Male" flanker is even more confusing. Although its commercial image is steeped in gayness, the scent itself is actually rather staid and smells like a conservative (implicitly heterosexual) lavender-peppermint aftershave, the sort of thing a typical American Dad would slap on before work. The problem isn't the fragrance, but the materials; Beau's simple triad of lavender, mint, and musk is so cheap that it wouldn't even work in a plastic bottle for eight dollars at Rite-Aid.


  1. I agree that the ad for Beau is pretty homoerotic, but then again, have you seen some of the ads for 'straight' perfumes? Tom Ford for Men comes to mind. Anywho, it was nice to read your review - unexpectedly underwhelming juice is a problem I'm facing daily as I finish off my vast pile of too-many samples. Today I watched the fragrance film for CK's Encounter, and was expecting to be blown away based on the video. Sadly, it's as if they slapped candy lime on a black can of Axe. Have you tried it?

    1. There's plenty of homo/heteroeroticism out there in the land of perfume advertising (Ford dabbles strongly in both, sometimes simultaneously), but the ad for Le Beau seems to be a "gayish" image contrived by exclusively heterosexual men. The tackiness, distinct lack of any physical contact with another man (couldn't bring themselves to go that gay), and the mild suggestion that homosexuals kill polar bears for sport by putting a "femme" male on the worst throw in the known universe, all personify the cringeworthiness of these Le Male flankers.

      I have tried Encounter, and I agree it's awful. My review on Fragrantica is something I stand by: wearable orange spice schnapps. If your idea of a memorable encounter involves trysting with a sweet-toothed alcoholic, the fragrance is aptly named.


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