Coppertone's New Formula Smells Like Brut

Just a funny observation, something that I would never have guessed in a million years. I hate suntan lotion, the sticky aspect of it, and the fact that its fragrance conflicts with just about everything known to man. Coppertone used to have a creamy, nutty odor, sort of a cross between coconut and vanilla. They recently revamped their line of lotions, and work forced me to grab a bottle, lest hours under midday summer sunshine should have their way with my fine porcelain skin. Reluctantly I slathered it on my neck and shoulders, and was immediately struck by the familiarity of its scent - Brut.

It basically smells like the heart of Brut, that warm coumarinic lavender, the grassy notes, and a very bold, soapy musk. So it doesn't smell difficult anymore, which is nice. I can wear Coppertone with Brut (or just Coppertone) and go about my day. No need to try and match the old coconut thing to some super-seasonal Tommy Bahama-esque type of frag. I wore the combo to work, mainly a few generous swipes of Coppertone and a couple of spritzes of Brut Classic. A female coworker smelled me coming in and said, "Suntan lotion?" Another woman also commented to someone else shortly after I passed by her that the hall smelled like suntan lotion. The two odors of lotion and Brut had melded perfectly into one. There was literally no conflict between them.

Why in hell does Coppertone smell like Brut now? I think I might know. Women don't wear Coppertone like they used to. Once upon a time there were only a couple brands of tanning lotion out there, and Coppertone was king here in the USA. Those days have passed. Now women have a metric fuck-ton of options to choose from, a gajillion creams, lotions, makeup products that double as tanning lotions, skin hydrators that also double as tanning lotions, and pretty soon we'll be seeing SPF labels on gallons of milk. But men don't use all that shit. We're afraid of the sun? We buy straight-up suntan lotion. And now we can wear it and smell like men. Neat.


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    1. Nope. The difference between 15 and 30 is negligible.


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  3. Hi Bryan,
    It is a pleasure to read your blog. It is good that you discuss concepts like this which is similar to a former post which mentions Sung Homme goes well with Irish Spring. Although it is interesting to know that Coppertone nowadays smells somewhat like Brut, I remember ages ago that many suntan lotions had a smell somewhat reminiscent of Body Kouros...some people on the forums have also remarked about this. I don't particularly care for Body Kouros...for me it is too sweet. I also believe that that smell in lotions predated the release of BK...interesting. However, I do love the original Kouros and some flankers are okay.

    Hence, for Kouros lovers (especially aficionados of the sorely missed Kouros Fraicheur) I am happy to report a similar phenomenon which I have encountered. Though it may be hard to come by in the US, FA deodorant Sport can be obtained by internet mail order. It is pictured here:


    Forget about the dreaded word, 'SPORT' here. That is a misnomer in my humble opinion. This spray does not remind of those modern aqua/sport monstrosities in any way. This is not one of those anti-perspirants which clog your pores, but rather a deo that lasts long. The best part.....it smells very, very similar to Kouros Fraicheur. It has that fine musky drydown. For those who do love all things Kouros, you may wish to check this out.

    I hope that you are enjoying your new home, Bryan. Making progress with the renovations?

    Looking forward to reading more!

    Good Wishes!

    1. Hi Kris, thanks for sharing this info, I will look into FA and see how it smells, very good news to hear it resembles Kouros Fraicheur. I've read that Creed Orange Spice also resembles KF. What do you think?

    2. Hi Again Bryan,
      I've read among many forums (including yours) that Creed Orange Spice does represent Kouros. Therefore, I would not be surprised that there is some similarity to KF. Afterall, KF is a lighter more transparent version of its big brother. With that being said, I myself cannot compare as I have never smelled COS. I understand that it is just as difficult to obtain COS as it is to obtain KF. Hence, not only is FA more readily available...it also enjoys a huge cost advantage over them. Hopefully, you as well as other readers may give it a shot and see if you smell the resemblance.

      Keep us informed of your progress with your new home!


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