Sung (Alfred Sung)

My history with the house of Sung is an odd one. The famous wedding dress designer has had some success in the fragrance world, particularly with Sung, his first release. His second offering, Sung Homme, was also met with open arms by the buying public, and both fragrances continue to sell today. I tried Sung Homme first, several years ago, and hated it. Then I tried the feminine Sung, and somewhat liked it. Eventually I re-tried Sung Homme, and loved it. Then I re-tried Sung, and hated it. I could get into how all of this happened, but I fear it would reveal just how insane I am, and so will instead get on with the review.

Let me be brutally honest here: Sung has been reformulated, and the reformulation is a disaster. I do not, unfortunately, know how the original Sung smelled, as it was never a blockbuster fragrance, and I have never met anyone who was openly a fan. But I can say with total certainty that what passes as Sung today should not pass as anyone's signature fragrance, for the simple fact that is smells like a prostitute's kerchief water. You know how people will sometimes refer to inexpensive floral perfumes as being "screechy?" Well, this sums up Sung in a word: it is the ultimate screechy floral.

It opens with the false promise of a nice hyacinth and jasmine accord, which rapidly devolves into a mush of chemical sweetness, with shrill flecks of synthetic green occasionally flitting out from a cloud of yellow. There is absolutely no note separation, no evolution beyond the opening phase, and no character to the sent whatsoever. It just smells thick. And sweet. And bad.

Sung Homme is a delightful interpretation of Irish Spring soap, in perfume form. It smells soapy and synthetic, but so does Irish Spring. Perhaps this is why it works for me, as I happen to love Irish Spring. I know, I know. I lack imagination.

Here's the thing - Sung smells like a Glade air freshener, and I happen to hate Glade air fresheners. Yeah, I'm a guy, and Sung isn't intended for me, especially as it hearkens from a bridal couture firm. But I'm sorry, any bride who wears this on her wedding day is just begging for divorce before the honeymoon. Enough said.


  1. Well, I will admit that Sung was my signature scent for a few years back in the day. I was not educated about scents then, but I know I loved it and that I got compliments on it. I picked up a mini of new Sung and it's a synthetic trainwreck. :(

    1. Very sad to hear. It's especially bad when a good fragrance gets reformulated down to nothing. One wouldn't care as much if it started out badly, but this? Hard to believe a wedding dress designer came up with a better masculine.


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