Womanity (Thierry Mugler)

Womanity, like Azzaro Chrome and One Man Show, is one of those weird conceptual fragrances that throws tact to the wind. If it were a classically composed fragrance with little or no concept behind it, I would dismiss Womanity as another fruity scent for young women and leave it at that. After all, it is called Womanity. What the hell am I supposed to do with a pink perfume in a godawful bottle with the godawful name Womanity? And how many times can I write the fake word Womanity in this review? (So far five.)

Womanity, as it turns out, isn't just another fruity scent. It opens with a spiced fig accord, very sweet, and grows saltier as it dries. The salty notes are dense and lend the fragrance an aquatic dimension that feels a bit unbalanced and out of place in the earlier stages of the drydown. As time passes, Mugler's concept becomes abundantly clear, and is a bit of a shock - this perfume is meant to resemble the musk of female genitalia. The fig creates a clean, showered, and soaped backdrop for the familiar salty, sometimes slightly fishy scent of a healthy woman. The milky sweetness of the base has a sweaty effect, with everything winding up very funky, salty, and soapy-musky in the end.

I must admit, this scent makes me a little uncomfortable. It smells unisex to me, but the effort put into executing this particular concept results in a very strange and erotic fragrance - for a man. And frankly, I don't see how it would register as usable beyond the short social tether of rave club and bedroom use. Any guy who wears it to work has a dirty and somewhat twisted perspective on things, if I may say so myself. It's definitely not a date scent, either. If you really know what you're smelling here, and you've smelled it enough, it's like contemplating hardcore pornography as a desktop wallpaper in the office - an obvious pass. And for the ladies . . . well, words elude me. I have no clue why a woman would want to smell literally like her, um, womanity parts.

Use Womanity at your own risk. I guess it works and smells pretty good, but it definitely stretches the boundaries of good taste. And the bottle is, beyond a doubt, the most hideous thing I've ever seen.


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