Façonnable (Jacques Bogart Group)

In the '90s smelling fresh was everything, and the decade's noses were so devoted to freshness that they conjured fresh fougère/oriental hybrids that in no way resemble Green Irish Tweed, Cool Water, or Acqua di Gio. Façonnable for Men is one such fragrance - it was among the decade's first floral/amber/musk constructions to imbue the air with dense clouds of warm sweetness. This brand of plushness, ambery floral sweetness incarnate, was nice enough for three or four years, but eventually wore out its welcome. At the time I consciously skipped most of these fragrances and went straight for the total culmination of the decade: Allure Homme by Chanel. Looking back and sniffing Façonnable today, I think I may have missed out on a good thing.

A compellingly fresh "fresh" fougere, Façonnable hits skin with a pungent blend of sweet orange zest and floral notes. The scent's sweetness factor blurs itself dramatically in under five minutes, and its jasmine, rose, ambergris, and sandalwood never truly separate and step forward. Its middle phase resembles nutmeg, although it's chemical and not very spicy. I don't know why, but something about Façonnable reminds me of Himalaya, Creed's famous fresh oriental for men. Façonnable's amber is very soft, friendly, and saccharine, much like Himalaya's. But unlike any Creed, Façonnable winds up smelling spare and white-musky within a few hours, with every aromachemical nakedly evident.

This fragrance isn't bad for the budget-conscious guy. It's kinda-sorta dated, very lively and charming, and I'm not one to wax nostalgic about the '90s, but Façonnable brings back some good memories. It's the olfactory expression of an innocent - or perhaps not so innocent kiss on the cheek. Just use it sparingly. The orange blossom and jasmine can be a bit intense.


  1. This has always been a tough one to sample in a store. I've sprayed it on my hand, liked it for five minutes, then hated it after that. However, I know from experience that there are so many perfumes that aren't done any justice unless you actually WEAR them for a full day. I doubt I'll ever have that chance with this one, unless I find it on super clearance for like 3 bucks.

    1. Given its status as "yesterday's news" Faconnable may indeed one day be found for as little as 3 bucks.

      I can see how it wouldn't be appealing to a lot of people. It's a very synthetic fragrance in a tough category. I'll probably never own it either, but if I stumbled across a free or almost free bottle I wouldn't turn it down.


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