Old Spice Smooth Blast (Proctor & Gamble)

Once upon a time, Shulton made a version of its famous aftershave/cologne called Old Spice Fresh Lime. It was the mid 1960s; JFK had just been assassinated, the Beatles were taking over the universe, and man was about to set foot on the moon. The Golden Age of Cinema was unfolding, in remarkable works by Stanley Kubrick, Michelangelo Antonioni, Woody Allen, Arthur Penn, and Blake Edwards. This was an interesting time to be alive, and wearing cologne.

Fresh Lime has since been discontinued, for no apparent reason, other than perhaps flagging sales. Shulton has been sold off, its product line recommissioned by Proctor & Gamble. It's typical for fans of classic brands like Shulton to lament such buyouts, and criticize the inevitable reformulations, but I have to say, as much as I could appreciate the original Old Spice, I don't think P&G is doing such a bad job. Sure, they replaced those beautiful glass bottles with cheapy-cheap plastic, and did an awful job revamping the packaging graphics. But the fragrances inside these new bottles are quite good. Some even border on greatness.

Old Spice Smooth Blast is one such product. Consider for a moment the folly of fruity scents: they always smell like hi-fructose candy. You may want to smell that way once in a blue moon, but as far as blue moons go, the occasion for wanting to smell like a spilled can of Mott's is extra-rare. Why? Because fruit is sweet, and too much sweet is nauseating. This is where Smooth Blast got it right - it utilizes just the right combination of fruits, and avoids becoming overbearing and saccharine mush. There's a lovely pop of lemon and lime off the top, with the lime dominant. I can't help but think it's P&G's ode to Fresh Lime. Within a few minutes, this citrus moves into a transparent version of Old Spice Fresh. It's basically ambergris and cedar, but toned way down.

Eventually blackcurrant and kiwi assert themselves, bringing the fruits back to the fore. The effect is cool, somewhat green, a little sweet, and totally refreshing. There's a grassy, spring-like soul to this scent, one that sends clear waters rushing across berries with sophisticated abandon. It's perfect for a hot summer day, and never once smells chemical, cloying, or sugary. I suggest giving this one a try - you're not going to impress anyone by wearing it, but it's a good July picnic splash, completely appropriate for days when the majority of your activities involve lighting citronella candles and spooning fruit salad onto paper plates. Two thumbs up.


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