Euphoria Men (Calvin Klein)

I happen to own a small, .5 oz bottle of Euphoria Men, for reasons that are unknown to me. I can't even recall when I picked it up, although I suspect it was during a holiday season a few years back. I can't be bothered to wear this fragrance, or bring myself to address its popular reputation as a successful part of Klein's mediocre legacy. I won't wear it because I don't really care for it, and I've already covered Klein's mediocre legacy here. I do want to point out that Euphoria Men has one somewhat interesting thing I hadn't really noticed before - it possesses a rather good ginger top note. If you enjoy the damp, warm-fresh scent of ginger, Euphoria's rendition of it may be a good incentive to check this fragrance out.

I'm afraid the rest of it is a total non-entity. The ginger note is very fleeting, and lasts about three minutes on my skin before disappearing behind a thin wall of sweet ambers and peppery, synthetic leather notes. There's a point where the ginger transitions to the amber and makes Euphoria smell like ginger ale, but it's a short-lived effect, and it doesn't really add anything interesting to this fragrance's development. There's an intense version of Euphoria Men? That's to be expected, I suppose. While the original's longevity and sillage are adequate, it's not exactly a barn-burner in those departments. Euphoria remains in my collection as a fragrance to refer to solely for its top note.


  1. This is fantastic, Bryan: "solely for its top note"! COL (cackle out loud)

  2. Hmmm I'm conflicted with CK. I find myself rooting for them every-time a new release is on the horizon but by and large there fragrances are often quite deplorable. Many of their mens releases of the past 10 years are basically just top loaded and suffer from poor base-notes and terrible longevity...the poor longevity keeps surfacing in all their new mens releases...any thoughts Bryan? What corners are they cutting in their raw materials.

    And no like most I'm not going to blame COTY. I just purchased Jennifer Lopez's Glowing for my girl a COTY frag by Calice Becker which is wonderful.


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