Interesting Interview With Roja Dove

I happened across this interesting conversation with one of the most famous noses and fragrance experts currently working in the industry. His opinions on matters of fine fragrance have always held a lot of weight, and I was truly thrilled to find such a thorough article (published in three parts). It's a few years old, but sometimes these things fall through the cracks, and need a "bump." Hope you enjoy it!


  1. I enjoyed the interview about Roja Dove plus some other interview
    of him that I found. I have also enjoyed reading about Enzo
    Ferrari. Fun to read about both of them. However, the sad fact is
    that I have to go to Marshall's for colognes and the local Ford
    dealer for cars. Such is life! I am glad your suggestions for
    summer fragrances were in my financial ball park.

    However, the main reason that I am writing is that I got to thinking about what Roja Dove had to do to reach his present position in his field. He has certainly paid his dues over the years, and I can understand why he can command the prices charged for his creations. He has available ingredients that I believe are not available to the average perfumer. His life story got me to thinking about John Pegg's Kerosene colognes.

    I applaud John Pegg's entrepreneurial spirit for starting Kerosene Colognes! The reviews and softball fluff interviews about him suggests that everyone is hoping that he does well. We all love a Horatio Alger story. He seems to saying all the right things and would appear to be making all the right marketing moves. Excellent website and good looking bottles and presentation. I do hope he does well, but it surprises me that this is happening. Although you see a lot of homemade colognes on eBay or Etsy, You don't see two years later someone start selling his stuff at $100 plus.

    You stated in February that you would do a review of Kerosene. Just want to encourage you to do it. I don't need another fluff interview or watered down review which is not your style.

    1. Yeah Mason, thanks for reminding me about that, I will look into getting some samples of Kerosene frags so that I can bring you my opinion on them. Even if I can just snag one or two, it will give me an idea of what John Pegg's skill level really is.

      The John Pegg phenomenon seems to be something of a fluke. I don't know the man, although I have been watching his Youtube reviews for a few years. He always struck me as being fairly knowledgeable about fragrance, on par with me and some of my friends, but no wizard - he never had any Dove-like or Turin-esque insights. His hand-made perfumes are surely well-wrought and full of love, but I truly wonder if they're just glorified products of an overrated amateur hour. How he can outprice Ineke, for example, on his first go of it, is truly beyond me. How exactly has John paid his dues? I don't really know his personal or professional (?) story, so I can't really say, but the questions do come up whenever I read about his work.

      The fluffy reviews irritate me a bit, also. Some of the forum reviews on Fragrantica seem a bit more honest, and I did read somewhere that one of his fragrances smelled like melted ice cream (not high praise by any means), but all told, no real negatives. Could be he's a genius. Or it could be people don't want to trash his brand while it's getting off the ground. I'll just go with my nose and tell it like it is, when that chance rolls around. Give me a month or so to get my roster of reviews in order and I'll get that up for you.

  2. Bryan
    The website for Kerosene states that Unknown Pleasures "dries down to a cozy vanilla, soft tonka bean and waffle cone base." That waffle cone base made me think of melted ice cream. The ingredients for Unknown Pleasures reads like something off of a carton of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I like the description of Unknown Pleasures and it would be great if he makes it work.

    I would love to support his enterprise, but I have a hard time pulling the trigger on Creed's I like because of the price. However, his demographics are mainly the very young with no mortgage and disposable income. Your review influenced me to blind buy from eBay a bottle of Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts. It just arrived from eBay. Love the smell and the bottle but especially loved the price.

    1. One of the blessings of masculine perfumery is that many of the good ones are inexpensive. There's really no excuse to smell bad as a man in today's world, not when you can get anything from Old Spice to 4711 for the price of a sandwich. Glad you like the Tommy Bahama. That's a pleasant citrus, with quite a good salt note. Lovely bottle, too!


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