Bijan Men (Bijan)

I once posted my C.V. online and received an immediate reply from a man who claimed I fit the profile for an available position, and if I didn't mind the drive from Connecticut to White Plains, NY, he'd be willing to interview me tomorrow. I asked him what the position was, and he was very vague about it, saying "It's an integral role in our in-house marketing department, which is focused on giving our business the broadest visibility possible." 

I figured, what do I have to lose? So I went down there the next day, waited for an hour in the lobby, and was finally greeted by a 30-something cheeseball in a plaid suit. He led me through a surrealistic maze of windowless corridors, along which was situated his unfurnished office. He invited me to sit, so I sat. First words out of his mouth: "Are those your references?" My reply: "Actually, no. This is my portfolio. You do realize I'm a graphic design grad, right?"

His face went blank. Without another word, he stood up, opened his door, and ushered me out. He wished me good luck, spun on his spit-and-polished shoes, and disappeared back into his office. True story.

Having smelled the contents of this obnoxious glass donut, I'm now positive the company he fronted was whatever haphazard concern is responsible for Bijan Men.