Royall Lyme (Royall Lyme Bermuda)

Royall Lyme is a rare one-note citrus cologne wonder. There are several lime scents out there that focus on being all about lime, but few come close to being as singularly designed as this one. This is Royall Lyme Bermuda's signature cologne, and as such I expected much more from it. It let me down in a big way.

The lime note is nice enough, and certainly smells plenty limey. There's a biting tartness, with just a hint of sweet, and an overall green, fruity feeling. It's quite naturalistic, and for a minute or two smells like I drizzled lime juice on my arm. But I must point out that the current formula of Royall Lyme is beleaguered by an alcoholic haze, which surrounds the scent in an astringent unpleasantness usually found in only the cheapest brews. This seems to add to its volatility. There's five minutes of limey goodness, and then poof! - It's completely gone. There are no wildflowers, no musks, no spices or herbs, nothing underlying the simple fruit note. They really took the concept literally, and left nothing else for the nose to toy with. A pity.

Given its low price, I recommend giving Royall Lyme a try. If you're the sort of guy who likes a fresh splash after a shower or shave, and just want a short-lived lime cologne for the summer, you could do worse. I understand Pinaud still makes Lime Sec. But if you'd like something with an elegant lime on a floral/musk base that persists for a good hour after application, you could do much, much better. Royall Lyme is the slouchy slacker in the back of the classroom who gets invited to all the parties and knows all the girls, yet defers to the much-smarter Floris Limes for answers whenever the teacher gives a test.


  1. Sigh. This was my grandfather's scent, a delightfully nose-tickling thing the last time I smelled it on him, sometime in the late 90s. Alas, it doesn't smell at all the same. What used to be a wonderful juxtaposition of bracing lime against a sweet coumarin-cozy musk is now, pretty much, a wan citrus alcohol. DAMN THEM.

    I miss my grandfather, too.

    1. That's nice to know about your grandfather. I suspect this and other Royall frags have been reformulated down to things significantly less-compelling than they were before. With Spyce and Mandarin they can get away with it, but with Lyme, not so much.

  2. Royall Lyme was my first introduction to this brand. I had a modest 4oz bottle in my possession for a couple of decades, savoring it from time to time, until one day I realized it would soon be finished. Then when I sought out another bottle, I was startled by the claims to a poor reformulation. I sought out an older bottle off "that auction site" and was so happy! There are many lime fragrances out there, but there's something so wonderful about Royall Lyme, pretty much as you've described it here. Along the way, I discovered the other releases and added Muske, Spyce, and Bay Rhum to my collection. All of them are "aftershave strength", but I don't mind using them in that way.


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