Sex Appeal For Men (Coty)

Some fragrances are seasonal, and some are perfect all year-round. Jōvan's simple herbal oriental, humorously titled "Sex Appeal," is as good in January as it is in July. Its secret: complexity.

Jōvan's fragrances are usually underrated, and sometimes (rarely) overrated - Musk for Men deserves more attention as an affordable alternative to the strange designer musks that populate the shelves of Sephora; Black Musk deserves to stand alongside those very same upscale oddities; Woman should be the formula for the world's first official "Air Travel Shampoo"; Ginseng NRG ought to be the standard-issue fragrance for prisoners at Gauntanamo Bay. But easily the most underrated of this line is Sex Appeal. There's evidence that it was intended to be an aromatic fougère, with all that soapy lavender on top, the patchouli-laden coumarin-esque thing in the middle, and bitter spice in the base. Yet the real appeal here is that the general structure of this scent retains its core woodiness without sacrificing the emotively green opening sweep of sweet French lavender, or the cool aloofness of its clove, fennel, and sage drydown.

No, Sex Appeal is linearly complex, if such a thing can exist. The herbal top is permanently fused to an herbal/floral bottom, with a solid connecting rod of earthy patchouli to lend this banal formula some surprising oomph! In cold temperatures, Sex Appeal's vivid lavender sweetly blankets its smoldering heart. In high heat, this purple aspect air-conditions the bawdiest, most-fun-to-wear patchouli that can be had for a portrait of Andrew Jackson. Good stuff, and it furthers the already-excellent notion that price is in no way correlative to quality.


  1. (Hey, Jovan Musk for Women is nice. I much prefer it to, say, SL Clair de Musc.)

    Several years ago, before I got all perfume-obsessed, I went down the row of men's scents at the drugstore and opened each one to sniff. Sex Appeal for Men was the one I picked out to give my husband. I think I might have liked it better than he did, but I came across the mostly-empty bottle in the cabinet the other day, and it still smells really good to me.

    1. You have excellent taste! I rather think S.A. is unisex. Certainly would not be put off smelling it on a woman. I've read Musk for Women is nice, too. I'll have to check it out. I tried it once a long time ago but don't quite remember it.

  2. Sex Appeal finally arrived last week and I have been wearing it ever since! Unlike what the whole 70s marketing (I expected something one would find if one raided Barry Manilow's wardrobe) may be suggesting Sex Appeal actually doesn't smell "dated" at all !
    It's linear but surprisingly multifaceted and incredibly versatile! It reminds me of several others, the patchouli reminds me of Zino and there's stuff I recognize from CK One Shock too. There's a cherry vibe in the wood and it feels boozy with a hint of dirt in the musk - this is simply gorgeous and much more luxurious than what the cheesy box may have you believe.


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