Love & Luck for Men (Ed Hardy)

There are hundreds of discount, down-market designer masculines out there, and maybe one out of every thirty of them is worth a sniff. Given those odds, you'd be forgiven for passing on Ed Hardy's Love & Luck, a cheap cologne in a cheesy bottle aimed at teenagers. My only reason for giving this fragrance a chance is that it's constantly being compared to Creed's Millésime Impérial, which is at least five times more expensive. I figured the comparisons were way off, and wanted to find out what L&L really smells like. Well, turns out it smells (drumroll, please) - cheap.

Love & Luck's best feature is its warm citrus opening of mandarin, bergamot, and cardamom. It makes me think, "Okay, clean fruit and a touch of fresh spice - not bad!" Of course, not very imaginative or interesting, either, but at least it smells good. After seven or eight minutes, the fresh top gets woodier, and reveals a sheer violet leaf note that feels very conventional, and reminds me of Calvin Klein Man's violet leaf, which means it also reminds me more distantly of Dior's reformulated Fahrenheit. I don't get the oiliness of either of those fragrances, nor do I get the Creed associations that others do, but then again Millésime Impérial has been compared to Green Irish Tweed, which has been compared to Cool Water, which has been compared to Grey Flannel, which has knocked shoulders here and there with none other than Fahrenheit in fragrance discussions. With those and CK Man in tow, are we looking at the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon here?

I don't know, but I do know that eventually L&L falls apart and just becomes a watery-musky mess. In light of far better options (everything listed above), I have no idea why anyone would opt to wear this. It doesn't smell like Millésime Impérial, and just smells of raw aroma chemicals Lego-ed together into a party-favor "cheapie" with a sunny disposition. Truth be told, I wouldn't mind smelling it on a woman.

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