Navy For Men (Dana)

Of all the weirdo, oddball, and bizarre fragrances for me to like, Navy for Men by Dana takes the cake. I bought my bottle along with a few other Dana "cheapies" in a gift package just after Thanksgiving, and must admit that it has me licked - I have tried my damnedest to dislike it, but can't shake the stuff. It smells like deodorant (it's kind of like Bleu de Chanel, but far simpler), and it's good. Basenoters hate the stuff, which ever-so-perversely gives me pleasure. It receives a slightly warmer reception on Fragrantica, which adds to that feeling. All told, Navy will never win any prizes for Best Masculine On A Budget, but that's not really its fault. That's the wrong category. It should fall under Best Masculine For Guys Who Don't Give A Shit. It takes pride of place there.

I like that Navy for Men is simple, cheerful, unpretentious, and cheap. The notes pyramids for it are usually correct, if a little long-winded - I definitely don't get any water lily, juniper, or leather. There's an eensy-weensy nutmeg note in the base, smothered in white musk, and preceded by bright notes of peppermint, lavender, and tangerine. Navy is all about that top accord, with the minty tangerine effect lingering right into the drydown. If you concentrate real hard, you might perceive a sketch of nondescript carpenter's wood with a dusting of nutmeg, but don't bust a vessel. Only the herbal fruitiness has clarity, but what can you expect for nine dollars? At least there's that much, and not less.

This is the kind of cologne a cash-strapped college guy owns but rarely uses, because he thinks wearing fragrance is for pussies. When he does spritz his collar, Navy's minty sweetness compliments his affable vulgarity perfectly. It's the first thing a girl smells as he slips into bed with her, and the last thing she smells when he dumps her the next day. When my bottle runs dry, it will quickly be replaced.


  1. I didn't even know there was a Navy for men! I had a little bottle of Navy in, perhaps, 6th grade? Nice nostalgia to know its brother is a keeper.

    1. yeah funny isn't it? they waited until 1996 to release the masculine. it's a keeper but definitely not what I would call a wardrobe staple by any means.

  2. After this review, I decided to blind buy it. There is something strange about it. It has a little freshness, but it has something dirty going on at the same time, almost like somebody spilled Quorum into Bleu de channel. I like it. Another plus for me is that cologne lasts for me, and is almost beast mode. I have a problem with many scents, but not this one. After picking up a 3.4oz for $9, I picked up an extra 1.7oz bottled that I found in a Cititrends store in the U.S. for 2.99. No, I don't make a habit out of shopping there, but I heard they had a decent selection of discount and knockoff fragrances. Also picked up Jovan Black Musk for 5.99.


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