Old Spice Bar Soap Is Back!

I had read that Proctor & Gamble discontinued all Old Spice bar soaps to make way for an expanded body wash and deodorant line. I don't mind all the body washes (although they aren't soap), and having thirty extra deo sticks to choose from makes life a whole lot easier. But I like soap. Real soap. And real soap comes in bars.

So guess how excited I was to find two kinds of Old Spice bar soap at Stop & Shop today? If you think I was very excited, then you think I'm the lowest common denominator of nerdworthy geeks. And you would be correct. I encountered Pure Sport and Swagger in bar form and felt little chills of delight run up and down my spine. I will eventually try both of them, but I bought Pure Sport first. I understand Swagger also has an extensive history with the brand, but I don't know the original Swagger, and am unsure if the bar soap does it any justice. Pure Sport is an established Old Spice scent with a simple and lovely grapefruit and sandalwood structure. I look forward to trying it. I also hope they bring out Game Day in bar form.

From what I smelled of a dry bar, Pure Sport is more citrusy and less of an oriental than its brethren aftershave. I'll shower a bar down to a sliver and see how my feelings about this new product develop. I'm really thankful to P&G for bringing these back, and hope that any positive words I write about the product encourages people to buy it. Based on the smell alone, I can already tell you Pure Sport soap is worth it. Bring back as many bar soaps as you can, P&G! Reviews are pending.


  1. No original scent? Not interested.

    1. Well I might at least have to check out the Swagger soap since this stuff is so cheap. I wonder if Wal Mart has it yet?

    2. I have the Swagger soap also. Smells fine dry from the bar but haven't tried it in the shower yet. So far Pure Sport is subtler than, say, Irish Spring, but quite nice. I understand Swagger's formula has a bit more of a history with P&G, but not sure yet if that means it's a superior bar soap fragrance.

  2. I'd like to hear how the Swagger soap works out - does the scent last, etc?


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